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TOP #5 Techniques for Sensual Massage

October 24 2018
Speaking about sensations, little can compare to soft and professional hands that slide over an oiled body. That is why sensual massage in one of the French salons is one of the best ways to rest and relax, which is especially important in our difficult time of stress and nervous breakdowns. During the session, the massage therapist acts on the biologically active points of the body, on its nerve centers, and this effect can be continuous and prolonged, which also allows you to get rid of tension and muscle pain. Moreover, massage has developed for so many centuries not for nothing, and its methods and techniques gathered all the experience and discarded all the mistakes in order to turn it into a perfect relaxation tool. If you wonder how to give a sensual full body massage, here is a rundown of the main six techniques of it, which are stroking, rubbing, shifting, kneading, and vibration.


The most common technique of real sensual massage is stroking. It starts and ends the procedure. Stroking prepares the skin for massage and improves its blood supply. Light (but not delicate) stroking calms down the nervous system and excites the recipient. Stroking involves sliding of hands over the skin almost without effort. It is done with the pads of the fingers, the base of the palm, the whole palms, fists, the back of the hand.


Rubbing, unlike stroking, has a deeper effect, by displacing, moving, stretching tissues in all directions. When rubbing it is necessary to use oil, but it is very important not to overdo it, otherwise, the skin will be slippery and it will complicate the massage. Rubbing helps the expansion of blood vessels and improves blood circulation, as well as saturating the tissues with oxygen and nutrients, eliminating the accumulation of fluids in the tissues. It is performed along the blood vessels, and on the muscles of the back from the lumbar to the cervical. Rubbing is done with the fingertips, the base or edge of the palm, and fists.


Shifting has an intermediate role between rubbing and kneading. To perform it, the palm fits tightly onto the massaged surface while the masseuse tries to move the skin along with the palm. Shifting can be done from the hips to the armpits. The movements are carried out simultaneously with both hands.


When kneading, the effect on the skin is even higher. It increases gradually as we move from one stage to another. Kneading can be carried out both in the longitudinal and transverse directions. When kneading in the longitudinal direction, you need to clasp the muscle with your palms so that your thumbs cover one side and the rest of the fingers cover the other one, while squeezing and shifting. Kneading in the transverse direction is carried out similarly, with the difference that now one hand covers the muscle on one side and the other hand covers the muscle on the other side.


The basis of the method of vibration is the performance of oscillatory movements on the massaged part of the body. When performing this technique, the masseur’s hand does not detach from the massaged surface, and the duration of the procedure does not exceed 15 seconds. The speed of oscillatory movements can be increased during the procedure. Vibration can be done with one finger (mainly used for massaging the muscles of the face), palm or fist (when massaging the muscles of the abdomen, back, hips, buttocks).

When conducting an adult sensual massage, it is essential to create a unique atmosphere to promote relaxation, and to use of special aromatic oils. It will allow you to get the best effect. Properly performed sensual massage is able to bring an unprecedented pleasure. Besides, it helps to get rid of the burden of worries, to relieve physical tension, add vigor to the body, and energy to the spirit.

There are many details on how to properly perform a sensual full body erotic massage. One may try to have their partner perform a sensual massage or better yet you can resort to the services of hot professionals in France, where the girls who have deep knowledge, experience, and practice in sensual massage will let you feel its amazing effect. If you need to relax and want to experience new sensations, visiting the massage parlor in Paris might just be the best decision you’ve made!