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Body to Body Massage

Each of you probably knows about the great benefits of massages in a person's life. Many use the services of masseurs, both for therapeutic purposes and simply for relaxation. However, there is also massage for adults only, which is used for general relaxation and pleasure. This massage is called body to body erotic massage.

  1. What is the real body-to-body erotic massage?
  2. Types of body-to-body erotic massages
  3. Methods and techniques of body-to-body erotic massages

What is the real body-to-body erotic massage?

Erotic massage is one of the best ways to promote the development of sexual potential and develop sensuality and sexual function. This massage came to France from the East and, for a long time, it has been used to treat certain diseases. Such type of massage is an art.

To date, erotic body 2 body massage is gaining more popularity. Although a few years ago such type of massage was considered vulgar since its performance requires both participants to be in the nude. Now, this service is present in most places that specialize in massage, and Paris is no exception.

Types of body-to-body erotic massages

Thai body-to-body erotic massage

There are many different types of erotic massages. One of the most popular ones is Thai body massage. It can be called the most classic of all varieties of erotic massages. The procedure usually begins with a shower that will set you up for a massage. Then comes the classical full body massage. It is worth mentioning that the important factor of a successful real body to body erotic massage is the initial stage, the stage of a classical erotic massage. In the process of this stage, the girl, smeared with oil, slides on your body in a variety of poses. Such a massage delivers a lot of pleasure, both aesthetic and physical. The peculiarity of this massage is that the effect goes to the whole body. Of course, particular attention is given to erogenous zones. Pleasure is enhanced by the proper and appropriate application of pleasant music and aromatic oils.

Nuru body-to-body erotic massage

Truly one of the most popular erotic massages is Nuru. Its uniqueness is that when performing this kind of massage a special colorless gel is used, which has no smell and taste. That is why Nuru massage is also called soap massage. Oily gel has no contraindications to use, besides it is suitable for everyone who wants to plunge into unforgettable moments of tactile sensations.

Regular Nuru full body to body erotic massage nearly guarantee a healthier and stronger body. It is the embodiment of secret fantasies capable of awakening the vigor of the body, clearing thoughts and enlightening the mind.

The technique of performing Nuru massage is completely different from the traditional erotic massage. Smooth sliding of the naked body of the girl on the body of the visitor can ignite the fuse and excite, give an inexpressible sensation and open all the corners of consciousness. The powerful sexual energy of the masseuse and her professional approach can bring the client to the top of a dreamlike pleasure.

Methods and techniques of body-to-body erotic massages

In addition to various types of massages, an important role in erotic massage is played by the methods and techniques of performing a massage.

The main methods include:

  • rubbing;

  • vibration;

  • stroking;

  • kneading;

  • percussion.

The most common technique is stroking. This method is used in the beginning and at the end of nearly any massage, including body-to-body. It prepares the skin for massage and improves blood circulation. Light stroking will calm the nervous system, and deep strokes will excite.

Another essential technique used in body 2 body erotic massage is rubbing. It has a deeper effect than, for example, stroking. During its implementation, there is a stretching of tissues. That is why it is necessary to use oil. Such rubbing is carried out by an edge of a palm, fingers, and a fist.

One of the main methods is kneading. In the technique of its execution, it is the most difficult of all. This method should take up to 75% of the time.

After an amazing session, your thoughts will be cleared and you will immediately feel a surge of new physical and spiritual strength. Incredibly gentle body-to-body erotic massage will give you bright emotions, open new aspects of pleasure and will bring a note of full-fledged relaxation in everyday life. 

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