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Сouples Massage

Even with the strongest, passionate and loving relationships, time plays a cruel joke. Passion slowly disappears, love fades, and sex becomes less and less frequent and almost does not bring joy. Some couples choose to break up, some go to a psychologist, but another way to save or diversify your relationships might be to try erotic massage for couples. We have found the best masseuses & masseurs in France for you to choose from.

  1. The service of erotic massage for couples in Paris

Benefits of erotic couple massage

Naturally, such session is full of different sensations of a sexual nature, which should act as the best catalyst for reloading the relationship between a man and a woman. However, a massage is also good for all adult couples who just decided to experience new sensations. A massage of this type is a sensual hot "storm" for lovers. Moreover, it adds passion and bright colors to the relationship without the risk of betrayals, which attracts hundreds of modern couples. Generally, it is a great opportunity to keep your feelings for each other strong for many years.

Features and main stages of erotic couple massage

During the session, the masseuse and/or masseur can use a variety of massage techniques, such as:

The duration of the process can take from one to two hours, during which you will get many vivid emotions, a sea of ​​pleasure and inexpressible sensations. After all, erotic massage for couples is much more than just sex. Soft touches, breathing, skillful hands of the master - all this allows you to get a feeling an unearthly pleasure. Any procedure begins with a classic technique that allows customers to liberate themselves fully. Confident, but easy movements of the masseur will relax all the muscles of the body, and a sense of anxiety will leave along with the tension.

In erotic massage, every detail is important, so the client, from the very beginning, gets into the atmosphere of relaxation and attention. At the request of customers, they even can take shower together with the masseuse and masseur. Water is a great conductor of energy, and already in the first moments of the session, the customers initiate the exchange of energy with each other and with the masters. This moment is important, because this is how the massage becomes completely open. There is an inclusion of tantra concept and universal love, and the session is not only under the sign of physical satisfaction, but also psychological and spiritual retreat. Clients (the couple) are located on comfortable couches in a way that they could see each other. The masters begin the session with a simple relaxing massage of nude bodies, gradually moving to the erogenous zones. The atmosphere in the room begins to heat up, and sexual energy envelops all participants of the process.

The service of erotic massage for couples in Paris 

It can be provided by two masseuses or a masseuse and a masseur. It all depends on the desire of customers. Moreover, some French massage salons give you an option to have the individual massage program, developed just for you, which will ensure that the degree of pleasure will be simply indescribable. Stimulation of the genitals, for example, will lead the couple to the “happy ending” in the hands of masseuses, and then, when sexuality, like lava in a volcano reaches a critical point, masseuses leave the couple alone with their desires. Besides, the session can include prostate massage by request. There is no better way to restart a relationship or add new sensations to them than a session of such a sensual massage for two. Overall, couple erotic massage on a weekend is a great pastime choice for a young or mature couple.

France is a popular romantic destination for many couples. Paris is the city that tops the list for many. Make your stay in Paris a magical unforgettable moment for you and your partner by getting an erotic couples massage!

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