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Lingam Massage

The appearance of Eastern massage, as a variety in modern French salons, has long ceased to amaze consumers, but relatively recently a new direction of oriental adult massage, Lingam, has become popular service in parlors of European countries, including France.

  1. The benefits of lingam massage

What is lingam massage?

The real lingam massage is the practice of the ancient Indian teaching of Tantra, which reveals knowledge about the attraction of the male and female. Overtime the art made its way to Paris.

Lingam is a massage for men, opposed to yoni massage for women. Not to worry though, you can choose either masseuse (female) or a masseur (male). It’s totally up to you.

Moreover, Lingam is a type of ayurvedic massages. Ayurveda is an ancient medical science, the origin of which is lost in the depths of centuries. Therefore, the goal of ayurvedic massage is not only physical relaxation, impact on the painful areas of the body, but mental and emotional rest, as well as ensuring a free flow of spiritual energy through the body. In tantric practices, male energy is a pillar of light that penetrates a woman and connects the couple into a single whole. In order to let this energy into itself, the woman must become soft, tender and receptive. 

During Lingam massage, the masseuse very gently touches the intimate areas of the man. She does it with tenderness and firmness, and at that moment, a hot and wild energy spreads through the man's body. These are completely new sensations of sexuality that you will never forget.

How the full lingam massage is performed?

People usually think that this kind of erotic massage is masturbation. However, it is not true. Well, its much more than that. The best technique of full lingam massage implies attention not only to the genitals, but also to all erogenous zones. In this process, a man can approach ejaculation several times, but the main thing is stop the process in time. If everything is performed correctly, then the final point will be a bright culmination. However, a required condition is the retention of two or three orgasms. Not many can handle that.

Lingam massage therapy is carried out in several stages:

  • After taking a bath or a shower, a man lays down on his back, placing a roller under his head. It will allow him to observe the movements of the girl and the technique of execution.
  • Before getting to the lingam technique of the main zone, the masseuse oils the body and stretches the man's shoulders and neck, as these places accumulate tension the most.
  • Then comes the massage of feet and hands.
  • After doing simple manipulations, the girl proceeds directly to stimulation of the penis. This procedure assumes that the girl doing it will be completely naked. It will allow a man to enjoy a beautiful view during the process. Moreover, prostate massage can also be included.

The benefits of lingam massage

Lingam is a completely new direction for the realization of male sexuality. It allows a man to improve the power and strength that women adore so much. 

The main benefits of this massage are the following:

  • This technique improves blood circulation and affects some muscle groups, thereby increasing immunity and speeding up metabolism;
  • If there are problems with potency, lingam technique will return the muscles to tone and remove the emotional barrier. A regular performance of such a massage will contribute to the return of male power without medication;
  • This technique allows a man to get a new experience;
  • Lingam relieves physical and emotional stress; stabilizes the hormonal background and blood pressure.

Overall, lingam massage is one of the best ways to not only give great pleasure to men, but also improve his health. Therefore, the implementation of this technique will help a man relax and will become an excellent prevention of possible problems in the intimate sphere.

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