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Nuru Massage

Touch is one of the oldest medicinal means, so the general principle of all oriental massage techniques is the impact on biologically active points in the body, functionally related to internal organs and systems. Combining the therapeutic effects and delicate touches to your naked body, nuru erotic massage will provide you the perfect harmony of body and soul. 

Some may look for a tantric massage without realising that those are similar but very different types of erotic massages. First time clients may obtain one and another separately, maybe even on different days, one thing is for sure is you’re going to love both! Will you be able to spot the differences?

  1. Uniqueness of the real nuru massage

Uniqueness of the real nuru massage

Nuru massage originated in Japan, but now it is popular far beyond the Asian countries. The Japanese were among the pioneers of many erotic techniques, so it is no surprise that nuru became so popular there. What distinguishes this kind of relaxation massage from many others is an incredibly close physical contact. The sliding of a wet, gel-coated body brings incomparable pleasure to both participants of the process and raises them to new levels of euphorical heights. Many even go further and refer to this technique as body to body massage.

The basis of the real nuru massage is a transparent gel “Nuru” without taste and smell created based on Japanese seaweed – nori, which explains its name. Nuru actually translates as "slippery" and "smooth" from Japanese. The oil is herbal, harmless and does not cause negative consequences even if it enters the mouth. However, for best pleasure, before the procedure, it is necessary to take a hot bath or shower, so you can relieve tension and prepare the body for a massage. Just something for you to keep in mind so that you can budget your & masseuses time better.

The Japanese claim that the rightly made nuru massage allows to not only relax, but also plunge into the world of secret fantasies and passions, to clear and enlighten the mind, overcome fatigue, forget about stress, and fill the body with a charge of energy. After having a proper nuru massage you will not want to dispute that claim. Trust us on this one.

The essence of adult nuru massage

It's radically different from all traditional types of erotic and relaxation massages. That is because the gel is applied to the naked body of the masseuse or masseur, who then rubs it hard against the partner's skin, giving unforgettable sensations of hot touches and caressing the most intimate areas of the nude oily body.

The uniqueness of nuru technique instantly spread its popularity to the countries of Europe, including France. Today, many self-respecting french massage and spa-salons or parlors in Paris provide the services of full nuru massage. 

Besides, they give a choice of masseuses and masseurs to the clients: 

  • men, 
  • women, 
  • model looking girls, 
  • blond and dark, 
  • white and black, 
  • gay and lesbian. 
Therefore, you can always find a professional to perform nuru massage, depending on your preferences and sexuality.

Technique of erotic nuru massage

The guest is placed on a special mattress, which does not slip during the session on the floor. No clothes are involved in nuru-massage, so it is necessary to take it off before. Then, the person is placed on the mattress on a stomach. This position is necessary to achieve a deeper relaxation and initiate excitement.

The main highlight of this technique is that every inch of the massaged body is getting attention, from your head to your feet. The professional, tenderly stretching the client's body, charges it with her or his sexual energy, which helps to experience more intimate sensations. Then comes the brightest and most memorable part as the person rolls over to the back so that the masseuse or masseur could work on the abdominal area.

Nuru massage is expertly used to entice, excite and plunge into sweet experiences without providing intimate services. The positive effect is achieved due to repeatedly reinforced tactile experiences and energy exchange. The Japanese are sure that it is possible to reach the heights of bliss without sexual contact. Come find out for yourself! Get a nuru massage session in Paris and put all these Japanese claims to the test.

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