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Tantric Massage

Generally, most people think that tantric massage therapy is something related to touching, eroticism, classical massage and sexual pleasure, which is true. For a person who has never experienced a tantric massage, it is extremely difficult to understand and imagine all the range of feelings, inner peace and harmony that this kind of massage provides you with.


So what is a real tantric massage?

Tantra massage is a unique, carefully designed ritual based on ancient tantric philosophy, which is winning the hearts of people all over the world, including France. That is why many places in Paris provide tantric massage services. It is an invitation to the world of sensuality, tender care, inspiration and ecstasy, a way to go beyond everyday life, to enjoy every moment of being. 

Tantra massage is an intimate ritual of the giver and the receiver. It combines elements of ancient Tantric and Taoist massage techniques and classical massage, based on an individual approach to each, sensitivity, attention and deep knowledge of working with energies that will help you relax, achieve maximum pleasure, and recharge your strength. Tantra massage rejuvenates, heals, and makes your body and soul even more beautiful.

What you will feel during the massage

Professional tantra massage is traditionally performed on a special mattress - futon, with candlelight, to the sounds of oriental music, in a quiet room, without strangers. The procedure consists of different types of touches, from light and gentle to fast and strong, with hot towels, gentle stroking with feathers and fur, relaxing pushes. The masseur or masseuse uses only natural aromatherapy essential oils and nutritive oils. Often, long procedures might include hot lava stones. 

White tantra massage

The whole naked body of the receiver is exposed to the massage, from head to toes. Such type of tantric massage is called white tantra massage and has nothing to do with sexual expression. It is a form of tantra oriented towards spiritual growth.

Dark tantra massage

If you want to experience erotic tantra massage, your best option is dark tantra massage. Unlike other types of tantric touch massages, this type includes massages of intimate organs:

Overall, both men and women can get an erotic tantra massage. Besides, most French massage salons that provide tantric massage services have options for gay people as well. During the erotic tantra massage, the person's attitude to sexuality changes, receiver opens up for a new, aimlessly meditative experience of sexual arousal. It is a therapeutic exotic procedure that affects both physical and spiritual levels. 

The technique of tantric breathing will open the way for you to reach physical and mental relaxation, to control the energies of your naked body. You will feel deeply hidden energies, as if new forces are pouring into you, and this feeling will remain with you for a long time after the end of the erotic massage. Moreover, nudity in adult tantra massage is a sign of openness, readiness to understand one's own body, renunciation of shame and prejudice, willingness to enjoy freedom and relaxation.

The effect of tantra massage

Most people who have experienced tantric massage sessions note its long-lasting effect, within a few days after the procedure a person feels peace and emotional balance, and is less exposed to stresses and negative emotions. According to ancient practices, perfect harmony stimulates the human energy potential, promotes physical development, emotional and spiritual growth.

Tantric massage helps to remove toxins and harmful substances from the body, relieves stress, and restores the natural balance of substances in the human body. Tantra is not a sexual activity in its pure form, but this practice, of course, allows you to reach the highest point of sexual pleasure without physical penetration. In the process of erotic tantric massage, all human organs, including sexual ones, are involved, and it is this full impact that allows you to achieve perfect sensual, physical and emotional bliss.

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