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Yoni Massage

"Yoni" in Sanskrit means "vagina" - a female inner temple, a vault. Therefore, yoni massage involves a massage of the female intimate zone. The service of Yoni massage is only for women, opposed to lingam massage for men. Some masseurs and sex therapists in France use this erotic massage to help those women who have a psychological barrier or trauma in the sexual sphere. In case you wish to have a masseuse (female) instead of a masseur (male) do not worry, there’s an option for everyone!

  1. The benefits of yoni massage

Why you should try yoni massage

The real yoni massage is performed with the following main goals:

  • relaxation;
  • release of sexual energy;
  • pleasure;
  • extreme excitement;
  • liberation from negative emotions;
  • calming of the nervous system;
  • restoration of women's health;
  • establishment of blood circulation in the organs of the small pelvis.

The technique of full yoni massage

Set Up

The beginning of sensual massage is the establishment of visual and spiritual contact. It is necessary to establish the right breathing, and the best result is if both participants can breathe in unison. Then a gentle massage of the back, feet, chest, and abdomen is performed. Gradually, the masseur moves to massaging the intimate zone. If the contact is established, the master will feel the moment when it is necessary to make transition to a massage of the vagina. The woman lies on her back, puts one pillow under her head, and the second - under the buttocks. Then she spreads the legs, slightly bending the knees, and reaches maximum relaxation.


The masseur pours a certain amount of warm oil on the Yoni mound so that it drains onto the upper labia. The intimate area massage begins with the upper labia and pubic area. The masseur gently squeezes the upper labia, holds and slides on them up and down. Then the same is performed on the inner labia. Next, the masseur moves to the clitoris and moves fingers around it in different directions.

Yoni technique

After massaging the clitoris, the masseur moves on to the technique of performing a yoni massage. First, it is necessary to enter the middle finger, massaging and examining the vaginal area. After examining all sides, without removing the finger, the palm is turned upwards and makes a "come here" move, bending the finger. When the finger is correctly positioned behind the pubic bone and the clitoris, the masseur must find the so-called G spot.


The ultimate goal of professional adult yoni massage is not orgasm. Orgasm is a side effect, however, pleasant and desirable. The goal is just to enjoy the process. From this point of view, both participants can relax and not worry about achieving anything. However, if orgasm comes, it is usually more exciting, intense and more satisfying.

The benefits of yoni massage

Most french women keep stresses associated with negative emotions in their body, be it suppression, violence, years of disrespect, shame, guilt, inability to place emotional and physical boundaries clearly, and many others. Many of them can feel pain, numbness, or both during intimacy, not have full access to their sensuality, need very strong stimulation for short peak orgasms or not have orgasms at all, feel tension in the body, or lack confidence in the partner. Every time a woman experiences emotional or physical pain, the "armor" appears in the yoni, which affects the ability to be relaxed, sensual, feminine, enjoy life and relationships.

Yoni massage therapy in one of Paris salons will provide you a way of destroying this armor and will reveal the natural ability of the body to rejoice and enjoy life. This technique supports the healing of physical and emotional sexual dysfunctions and traumas, the development of self-love, the trust and liberation of sexuality. Besides, the session of hot yoni massage can become an experience of complete relaxation, where you do not need anything but presence in the moment and experience how life flows through your body, when sexual energy gets permission to move freely without any issues.

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